2Day FM 107.7 & Juice FM 107.1 (Vista Radio)

When you want to know what’s happening in Stratford and Perth County, the first sources for news and information are 2day FM 107.7 and Juice FM 107.1. People who live, work and play in Perth County know they can trust the only two radio stations located within the county for local information first. Loyal listeners tune into Juice FM (Greatest Hits from the 60s-90s) and 2day FM (Top 40 hits of yesterday and today) for local news, weather reports, school bus cancellations, agriculture reports, obituaries, road reports, community event announcements and music.

Both stations have a large and loyal following and our sales team works with hundreds of local businesses to turn our listeners into their customers. Contact us for a free no obligation meeting to see if we can be a fit to grow your awareness and sales.  

Contact: Dave Elliott

376 Romeo Street South
N5A 4T9
5192712450 ext 227

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