Kitchen Smidgen Bakery

A "Mom & Pop" micro-bakery along the Thames River in beautiful downtown St. Marys featuring sweet and savoury specialties hand made right on-site!

With certified baking skills in hand and hopeful thoughts in mind, Cindy followed her creative passion home to her family's Transvaal Farm in Perth County. She developed a following for her tasty baked goods serving three years as a local St. Marys Farmers' Market vendor. In that time, she attended King Arthur Flour's Baking School in Norwich, Vermont, to get professional instruction on "How to set up a successful bakery".

In the Fall of 2016, a tiny renovated downtown retail space became available in St. Marys. Cindy had found her new business stepping stone - and Kitchen Smidgen Bakery was born.

Little things can mean alot

  • We are a fraction the size of a typical bakery. Maybe not the exact "smidgen" ratio (1/32nd), but sure smaller.
  • Our fresh baked goods are all made on-site, in one oven, by one baker. Each treat is an original!
  • Every day is different. Our menu can change by the hour and differ from Friday to Saturday.
  • Quality over quantity, offering what we do best, and providing what our customers most enjoy.
  • Our bakery is Perth County proud. Décor and fixtures are locally sourced and reflect area heritage.
36 Water Street
St. Marys
N4X 1B3

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