Progressive Wood Inc.

At Progressive Wood Inc., we pride ourselves on controlling all aspects of the manufacturing process, by using the highest-quality materials, equipment and labor. Our 25,000 sq. ft. facility and includes CAD, CNC and electronic sanding, and low-emission spray booths, etc.Privately owned and operated, Progressive Wood Inc. founders take pride in the company's ability to manufacture a diverse range of quality products in an environmentally friendly way.The plant was designed to be environmentally friendly to our employee’s as well as the community and to use more Green Manufacturing concepts reducing the overall impact on the environment, community and the world.Family-Owned and Operated …. Throughout our growth, Progressive Wood has remained a family-owned and operated business incorporating the same values since its inception.Contact: John Rose

300 Romeo Street South
N5A 4T7
519 271 8240
519 275 2233

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