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I’m Cassie, and I am the owner of Refresh Recreation Therapy, a private practice Recreational Therapy business in beautiful Stratford, Ontario. Recreation Therapy is a holistic, person-centered practice aimed at improving well-being and life satisfaction through meaningful participation in recreation and leisure. It is a practice suitable for all humans, young and old, facing barriers to participation in activities of their choice. Programming is based on the interests, needs and abilities of each client and aim to assist in all dimensions of well-being including physical, emotional, social, psychological, intellectual and spiritual. Therapeutic recreation uses a client-centered approach, taking a detailed assessment and utilizing goals to ensure effective programs to meet the needs of each individual. The possibilities of recreation therapy are endless and can include community engagement, community recreation, crafts, gardening, a nice walk on a sunny day, listening to music, brain games, exercises, pet visits, and so much more! Recreation and leisure are freely chosen pursuits based solely on the individual, their history and interests. Recreational Therapists simply assist in overcoming barriers to participation in activities, improving self-confidence and quality of life!

I am happy to bring my services to Stratford, and hope to use my expertise to make recreation accessible to everyone!  

Please visit to learn more and to see how I can help enhance your life or the life of a loved one and to book a free, no obligation consultation.  


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