Stratford/Perth Shelter Link

Stratford/Perth Shelterlink

Our mission is to assist homeless youth (aged 16-24) and those at risk of becoming homeless in Perth County.

Stratford/Perth Shelter Link is a homeless youth services agency serving Stratford and Perth.  Shelter Link provides shelter and outreach support to youth aged 16-24 that are homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless.

How We Support Youth

Emergency Shelter

The Living Options For Youth (LOFY) program provides youth (aged 16-24) with emergency shelter stays.

Prevention & Reunification

Using various outreach and meditation efforts to divert youth from needing shelter services.

Life Skills & Career Planning

Providing youth with the knowledge and skills they need to become thriving adults.


Shelterlink acts as a trustee for youth in the community who don’t have their own natural supports who can act as a trustee.

130 Youngs Street - 3rd Floor
Stratford, ON
N5A 1J7

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