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Fostering a business community that thrives and grows together.

The Stratford & District Chamber of Commerce is the prominent business organization in Stratford and District that is committed to being the voice of business, by championing economic prosperity and an exceptional quality of life.

About the Chamber

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The Stratford & District Chamber of Commerce advocates and represents the business interests and issues in Stratford, St. Marys, Mitchell, and surrounding areas for all businesses large and small.

Our goal is to create an environment in which businesses can prosper. The main function of the Chamber is to promote interest in local business possibilities and a partnership with all levels of government and community organizations to achieve a healthy local economy and quality of life.

We encourage and promote not only businesses, but the people who make these businesses unique and who make this area a very special place in which to live and work.

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Thoughts from our valued members

The Stratford & District Chamber of Commerce is incredible to be a part of!It actively grows a vibrant local business community people want to engage with virtually and in person. The thoughtfully planned networking events encourage organic conversations, making it easy for everyone to participate and build relationships. As young entrepreneurs working in the digital world, we appreciate the Chamber’s continuous initiatives in adapting and providing diverse community experiences that genuinely support the evolving needs of local businesses. We are grateful for the valuable resources and meaningful connections from the Chamber and are proud to be members.

Amy, Katie & Michaela

Owners & Executive Officers of
Studio Q Designs Inc.

When you’re part of a global organization helping solve the world’s needs, it’s easy to have your head down. But, thanks to our membership in the Stratford & District Chamber of Commerce, we are continually reminded we’re also part of a vibrant, progressive and fun local business community that truly embraces and supports its fellow members. There is not a single Chamber event that we attend after which we are not left thinking just how fortunate and blessed we are to be here. Whether it be a new contact, a familiar face or a friendly smile, the greeting is genuine and the time so well spent. Thank you for including us.

Mike Anderson

Marketing Manager
Cleanfix North America Inc.

I have been a Chamber member for many years.  I am so happy I joined. They represent small business and make sure our needs are being heard by the right people. The Chamber works hard to ensure that small business has the support they need to get through. They promote local businesses through social media outlets and in the news. It is like having a "coach" that every business owner should have.  For the cost, it has been a tremendous value to my business.

Jeff E. Keller, BA, CFP, FMA

Senior Financial Advisor, WK Financial Planning Inc / Manulife Securities

The Stratford & District Chamber of Commerce has been an invaluable partner to the St. Marys Healthcare Foundation. Eddie & Jennifer keep us up-to-date with opportunities for collaborating with other chamber businesses, and ALWAYS support and promote our events and initiatives. If you are looking to grow your business, you need to be a Chamber member.

Krista Linklater

Former Executive Director, St. Marys Healthcare Foundation

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