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Today we have a world saturated with images. Photos have never been more common. However in the midst of all the photos, I fear we might be losing our photographic soul. Really captivating and compelling images are diamonds in the rough. And that’s what I’m after. Not merely another photographer, who will take pictures for you, I strive to really get down to the root of what is going to make you’re photographic endeavours a success.That could be a wedding, portraits, headshots, promotional product imagery, or advertising for your business or anything else. Also, more and more I seem to be crafting videos to better tell a story or market a service in todays crowded marketplace.For businesses, I’m also Stratford’s only Google Photographer setup to do Google Streetview Trusted, essentially Google’s street view service inside of buildings!davidiam photography is a full service photography outlet. All work is guaranteed.Contact: David Charlesworth

290 Mornington Street
N5A 5G4
519 801 1234

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