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We exist to build your brand. We exist to evoke recognition of your name, and more importantly, to evoke recognition of the values you deliver to your customers and the people around you.We are pleased and also proud to announce that we are changing our name to better reflect that purpose.We will be changing our operating name from ‘Hishons Custom’ to ‘Evoke Marketing Inc’ to better communicate the value we deliver for you.Our re-branding reflects both the evolution of the company as well as our vision for the future. We intend to evoke recognition for your business, for your brand, and for your products and services. We intend to evoke interest in what you do and what you offer.We are invoking several changes to help with these stated goals and purposes:Our name has changed to better reflect what we do for you – Evoke Marketing and Promotional.We are expanding our products to better help you to achieve a consistent and powerful message and brand – including Drinkware, Signage, Event Tents, Consulting, Exciting New Embellishment Options (Laser, Embossing,True Edge, Infusion, Sublimation, High definition Decoration, 3D)We are moving our facilities to 1030 Erie Street, Stratford, Ontario, N4Z 0A1Our slogan is simple – We Exist to Build Your BrandWhile our name, tagline, logo and location have changed to better represent what our company is today, our personalized customer service will remain the same. We are here to help you personally as we always have been and always will be.We remain committed to create ‘customers for life’ by helping you elicit or to draw forth the desired reactions and recognition of your target markets so you can enhance the value of your operations.Our new branding clearly shows that we are changing as a company to address your needs by expanding our offerings, and by pushing into new markets to provide you with new options to help you evoke the brand recognition you deserve.We will speak with you directly in the near future to discuss our new vision and our new capabilities to help your business and to increase the value of your brand.Yours truly,Mike Hishon

1030 Erie Street
N4Z 0A1

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