L'Arche Stratford

L’Arche has become one of the most innovative social movements in the world, with over 153 communities in 37 countries encompassing all 5 continents.  In 1973, L'Arche Stratford was founded making it one of the longest serving communities in the world.

L'Arche Stratford welcomes adults with developmental disabilities and assistants who live, work and learn with them.  The key to L'Arche is relationships of mutual care and respect. Currently, we support 29 people with developmental disabilities and have multiple homes throughout the City of Stratford.

Every day, L'Arche looks for opportunities to create belonging.  L'Arche's innovative approaches to authentic community-building create long-term impacts.  For the first time in L’Arche Stratford’s history, we are embarking on a capital campaign named the Be Belong Become Campaign to expand the mission of L’Arche and meet the increasing need for services within the community.  Together, we are building a place of belonging.

PO Box 522 Stn. Main
N5A 6T7
519-271-9751 x224

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