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Nancy Orr is a Facilitator of Action.  She is the extra set of professional hands her clients need to help move initiatives forward with tact and tenacity, relieving the feelings of time crunch and capacity pressure.  Nancy specializes in getting things done and is skilled at jumping in at any stage of a project from planning through to execution.  Whether you’re a leader in the private or public sector, drawing on Nancy’s diverse business acumen and extensive technical network will help to move your priorities forward.

Professional.  Flexible.  Reliable.  Connected.

What We Do

• Provide critical project coordination ensuring successful execution• Reduce risk and liability associated with uncompleted initiatives• Enhance organizational effectiveness as a professional resource• Make purposeful connections to positively affect your project and organization• Make a difference by facilitating real work action to meet your goals.

Excelling at Organization, Coordination, and Practical Implementation, Nancy is available on a contract/ project basis.

N5A 5B3
(519) 949-1116

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