Sommers Generator Systems

Sommers offers more than 80 year’s experience in power solutions.

Established in 1936 by Wes and Kay (Katherine) Sommers, Sommers Motor Generator Sales Ltd. initially aided in bringing new electrical services and equipment to under-serviced parts of rural Ontario. Throughout the years, the company grew, and expanded to service customers and distributors across all of Canada. As of 2016, the former General Manager, Chris McGregor, took ownership of the company. Through his customer-centric business model, Sommers has enjoyed continued growth and success country-wide.

Sommers is the leading Canadian manufacturer and distributor of premium quality generator systems. With a large inventory of gas, diesel, propane, and natural gas models, our generator systems offer up to 3200 kWe for prime power,standby power, as well as portable and towable applications.

70 Packham Ave
N4Z 0A6

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