St. Marys Optometry


St. Marys Optometry sees each patient for more than just their eyes. We’re your local optometry clinic with a small-town essence weaved into everything we do.

Here, our patients know the staff on a first-name basis. And just as you know us, we know you, too! We adore getting to know our patients when they’re young and watching them as they grow. We’re proud to serve every member of your family, no matter what stage of life they’re in.

We provide exceptional optometric care to everyone who walks through our door. Our values are deeply integrated into our services, with trust, integrity, kindness, and respect taking the top spots.

The bottom line is this: we don’t prioritize the bottom line. We’re here to ensure you have a pleasant eye care experience under the care of our friendly, hardworking, and kindhearted doctors and staff. Your satisfaction is what motivates us each day!

151 Queen St E, PO Box 70
St. Marys
N4X 1A9

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