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Stratford Public Library’s Mission Statement

MISSIONWe are an equitable, safe, and welcoming community where everyone can explore, learn, create, connect, and be inspired.OUR VISIONWe are a place where hope and wonder fly.We envision a library which connects people;inspires learning, literacy, and curiosity;and sparks change for a better community.

Strategic Plan 2019-2022

STRATEGIC GOAL 1: Enhance User Experience with Empowering and Inclusive Programs The Library will experiment with bold new ideas and methods to attract new visitors and improve visitors’ experiences within existing and potential new Library spaces. The Library will continue to provide programs and services which empower users to build the inspiring and inclusive community in which they want to live.STRATEGIC GOAL 2: Lead Global Change with the Local CommunityThe Library will continue to maintain a strong, positive connection to all members of the community and recognize each individual’s influence on the Library. The Library will also proudly wear its role as a leader of change and convener of change makers. This will help to strengthen the Library’s assertiveness in developing new connections with the community—to collaborate with local and global leaders and influence change within the community and beyond.STRATEGIC GOAL 3: Firm Our Foundation of Resources and StaffThe Library will strengthen its physical resources and personnel in order to move forward and succeed with everyday projects. In particular, the Library will support and train a team of knowledgeable and highly skilled staff, which will position the Library as the community’s first choice for learning, expertise, enjoyment of reading, and customer service. This will impact the Library’s standing as a leader in the library and information services industry.Contact: Julia Merritt

19 Saint Andrew Street
N5A 1A2
(519) 271-0220
(519) 271-3843

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