Swiss Chalet

Swiss Chalet has been a beloved destination for Canadian families since its establishment in 1954, offering a unique dining experience that has stood the test of time. The secret recipes remain unchanged, ensuring consistent flavors and comforting meals. Their renowned Rotisserie Chicken is made with fresh, preservative-free, grain-fed chickens from Canadian farmers, seasoned with minimal salt and cooked to perfection in rotisserie ovens for 90 minutes. The Smoky BBQ Ribs are marinated for 24 hours, dry-rubbed with a signature mesquite spice, and slow-cooked for an additional 2 ½ hours, resulting in tender ribs glazed with a unique Smoky BBQ sauce. The meal is accompanied by their Famous Fresh-Cut Fries, made with utmost care and traditional methods. Finally, the highlight is the one and only Chalet Sauce, crafted from a super-secret recipe passed down through generations, simmered slowly each day to deliver a tangy and comforting taste. Swiss Chalet promises a delicious and satisfying experience amidst the fast-paced world, offering a taste that is truly unparalleled.
684 Ontario Street
N5A 3J7

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