Black Dahlia

At Black Dahlia, we are dedicated to crafting hand-poured soy waxmelts, lip balms, soaps and our well loved organic unscented, non preservative lotion bars. Our products are both environmentally friendly and preservative free. We use locally sourced ingredients. It has been a long journey to perfect this formula, but we are proud to offer a product that meets our high standards for both quality and sustainability.

All of our wax melts are handcrafted and produced in small batches to ensure the best scent throw and a high quality burn. We use a high quality Natural Soy wax blend with the highest quality fragrances oils. Our hand poured wax melts will fill your space with beautiful fragrances without any guilt. We hope that they bring joy and comfort to your home or business.

St Marys
647 343 5565

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