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Host a Business After 5

Host a Business After 5

Host a Business After 5

🎉 Calling All Chamber Members: Host a Spectacular Business After 5 Event! 🎉

Are you ready to take center stage and showcase your business to an engaged audience? Look no further than our Business After 5 events—an extraordinary opportunity for you to host a Chamber networking event at your office or an offsite location. As the host, you'll be in charge of logistics, and we can't wait to see you shine!

What is a Business After 5 Event?

These exclusive monthly events are designed for our members to enjoy casual networking in a relaxed atmosphere. It's your chance to put your best foot forward and leave a lasting impression on a diverse group of fellow members. Think of it as an "open house," where you can proudly display your products, services, and facility to Chamber members.

Create a Positive and Memorable Experience

We know you want to make a memorable impact, and we're here to help you achieve just that. Hosting a Business After 5 event is not just about networking—it's about making connections and sparking conversations that lead to fruitful partnerships. So, let's get started on organizing a fun and unforgettable experience!

How to Make Your Event a Hit:

  1. Book Early with our Office Manager, Shannon Stewart: Our calendar fills up quickly, so don't delay. Contact Shannon at to review the criteria and secure your date. We are typically booked 6 months to a year out!
  2. Have Great Business Card Draw Prizes: Everyone loves freebies! Exciting prizes will entice attendees to join and leave a lasting impression. Your generosity will be remembered long after the event.
  3. Memorable Food and Beverages: As the host, delight your guests with delectable food and drinks. Collaborate with fellow members to ensure a successful event and showcase the spirit of our Stratford & District Chamber community.
  4. Alcohol Adds to the Fun: While not mandatory, alcoholic beverages are a bonus loved by many attendees. Wine, beer, and champagne are popular choices, but mocktail events are equally encouraged. Remember to apply for a special occasion permit if serving alcohol without a license.
  5. Provide Tours of the Facility: Give your fellow members an inside look at your business operations. It's a fantastic way to pitch your business and build connections with your guests.
  6. Engaging Staff is the Key: Your staff represents your business for the night, so ensure they are enthusiastic and ready to interact with members. Their energy and passion will leave a lasting impression.
  7. Keep Speeches Short and Sweet: Our events have brief presentations, so make your 2-3 minute speech count. Remember, personal interactions will continue throughout the evening.
  8. Ample Parking is a Must: Make sure your venue can accommodate at least 60 vehicles. We want all our guests to arrive and enjoy the event without parking worries.

So, are you excited to host a remarkable Business After 5 event? We are here to support you every step of the way. For more details and to book your date, reach out to our Office Manager, Shannon Stewart, at or call 519-273-5250.

Let's make this a memorable event for your business and our Chamber members. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity—get ready to shine!

We want to encourage you to book your Business After 5 far in advance! The BA5 program is highly popular and we are booking a year in advance.

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